Saturday, November 28, 2009

The Bride Stripped Bare - Anonymous

This was one of those books that attracted me by something other than the content. I was struck by the fact that the author was anonymous. Why? What could they be writing about that they wouldn't want to put their name too?

This is definitely not a book for those looking for a soppy romance! It is written in almost diary style, with each chapter headed with a lesson. The story of our anonymous woman begins on her honeymoon in Morocco. As her life changes and she discovers more about who she is, her circumstances take quite a perilous turn. No longer the faithful wife, she delves deep into her darker side and begins to experiment with infidelity and lust. She takes risks that many might never consider and her double life begins.

This erotic tale left me bewildered. I enjoyed the thrill of her adventures. They put me in places that were uncomfortable, but they also left me secretly delighted. The character is confused but certain, frightened but brave, in love but alone. She made me want to help her, and in a certain shocking way, made me want to be more like her.

A true dichotomy, the book's ending is both predictable but unexpected, and left me wanting to know more about this intriguing character. The opening page of the story has a quote from an Alfred Hitchcock story, and it epitomises her journey -

"I have a feeling that inside you somewhere, there's somebody nobody knows about."

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